Supporting Satipañña


Your Generosity Matters

SIMT makes every effort to keep our programs and practice community accessible to all, regardless of participants’ financial circumstances. Your donations and monthly pledges help make the Dhamma accessible to everyone.

SIMT has charitable status and provides tax receipts for one-time and monthly donations. These funds help cover rent, administration costs, and publicity for Dhamma activities and outreach. They are intended to support and expand practice-related programs, and provide the maximum possible opportunity for everyone to participate in SIMT events. Scholarships are available for most of our programs and events. To apply for a scholarship, please speak to one of the teachers or someone on the SIMT Board of Directors.

SIMT teachers are supported by our community in the form of a small honorarium. In addition, gratitude for the teachings is expressed through the offering of Dana to the teachers. Your generosity at the Tuesday night meditations and at retreats, in the form of Dana, allows the teachers to spend personal time preparing programs, offering guidance, meeting with students, and attending personal retreats of their own.

May all beings share in the merit of our practice.

Become a SIMT Supporter

If you value the Buddha’s teachings and the peace, insight and happiness to which they lead, please consider becoming an SIMT Supporter through our pledge program. The suggested minimum donation for SIMT Supporters is $30 a month (or $360 per year). Higher pledges are also welcome. If, in your situation, a lesser amount is appropriate, please contact us at

Besides experiencing the satisfaction of supporting Dhamma practice, SIMT Supporters receive discounts on most of our programs.

To become a Supporter, please make your monthly pledge online or using a downloadable pledge form (PDF).


Make a Donation

We also welcome donations online or using a downloadable donation form (PDF).



Everything at SIMT is made possible through the work of volunteers like you.  Some of the volunteer roles we have are:

  • Tuesday night set-up
  • Assisting at retreats
  • Assisting with other administrative duties
  • Providing transportation to and from retreats

If you’re interested in volunteering, please contact us at